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pregnancy rates

The probabilities of pregnancy when undergoing an assisted reproduction treatment depends on many factors, foremost are the AGE of the patient. Other factors affecting the chances of pregnancy are:

  1. Quality of the ovarian stimulation.
  2. Quality of oocytes obtained.
  3. Quality of sperm.
  4. Equipment of the assisted reproduction laboratory.
  5. Quality of the culture media utilized.
  6. Quality of embryos produced in the laboratory.
  7. Number of embryos transferred.
  8. Ease with which the transfer is made.
  9. Type of catheter used during the transfer.

The equipment of our assisted reproduction laboratory as well as the culture media utilized in our clinic are currently the most advanced, thus achieving embryos of excellent quality with which we get an excellent chance of pregnancy with the minimum of embryos transferred. Our statistics are among the highest in the region.

It is recommended to transfer the fewer embryos as possible to avoid the most serious complication of these treatments, that is to say, a high order pregnancy which includes: triplets or quadruplets. The transfer of more than 3 embryos is contraindicated.

Let us guide you to fulfill your dream of being parents, let’s start together the 9 most wonderful months of their lives!