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Men's Fertility Tests

A semen analysis is the most common procedure for male fertility testing and seek to determine if there is a factor of male infertility

Semen analysis
In order to analyze semen quality the simplest test and the one that provides more information is the semen analysis, but it is also important to know that even if they are sperm in the ejaculate, this does not mean they are fertile. To undergo this test there are some recommendations that the patient must follow to obtain an optimal semen sample for analysis.

What we analyze in the semen analysis?
• Volume of ejaculate
• pH
• Viscosity
• Liquefaction
• Color
• Leukocytes
• Sperm concentration
• Sperm motility
• Sperm morphology
• Sperm Vitality

DNA integrity in human sperm
Shortly at the andrology laboratory of the Center of Reproductive Medicine of Dr. Pablo Valencia we will be able to determine the presence of DNA strand breaks in human sperm. These breaks may be caused by certain pathologies of man and could be the cause for embryo implantation failure and even abortions. Therefore, by diagnosing the presence of sperm with high levels of DNA fragmentation we can suggest various treatment options for the couple.

Assessment of the number of chromosomes in the sperm
By means of FISH technique (Fluorescence in situ Hybridization), chromosomes carried by the sperm are analyzed. The sperm as the eggs has 23 chromosomes; all other body cells have 46. When the sperm carries 22 or 24 chromosomes instead of 23, the resulting embryo will also have more chromosomes or fewer chromosomes, which will result in abortions or implantation failures. Consequently, couples presenting these problems shall be required to undergo this analysis, as well as those couples where the male has a very low sperm count.

If a patient has a higher percentage of sperm with abnormalities in chromosome number, it will be necessary to study the embryos of the couple in order to identify those that are chromosomally normal. This procedure will be performed through an IVF cycle with preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

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