About Us

In Vitro Fertilization Laboratory

We are proud to have the following equipment in our in vitro fertilization (IVF) laboratory:

• Tri-gas Incubators:  These incubators use three types of gases (CO2, Oxygen and Nitrogen), are the most modern worldwide and allow us to obtain a better embryo growth so that they can be as healthy as possible; therefore, your probability of pregnancy is the highest that can be currently achieved.  

Nitrogen Generator: Tri-gas incubators require nitrogen gas in order to maintain low oxygen levels during embryo culture. It is a state-of-the-art nitrogen generator and only the best clinics worldwide have it. Our generator is the only one in Latin America.

• Centralized air purification system: Our IVF laboratory and the retrieval  room have a centralized air purification system, which provides air as clean and pure as possible to avoid the introduction of toxic environmental substances that may alter the quality of our embryos.

• CODA tower for air purification: In addition to our centralized air purification system, we also have a CODA tower, which almost sterilizes the air within the IVF laboratory.

Olympus IX71 Micromanipulator: State-of-the-Art microscope used to perform intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

Antivibration Platform: Placed under the Olympus IX 71 microscope, the antivibration platform prevents vibrations during the microinjection procedure.

Eppendorf Microinjectors: Currently are the most accurate microinjectors used to inject the sperm into the egg.

• IVF Workstation. It is a laminar flow chamber specially designed to perform in vitro fertilization techniques.  We can work with eggs and embryos outside the incubator without altering their culture conditions.

• Zilos Laser: It is the  most advanced laser of its kind for Assisted Hatching (thinning of embryo cover to improve embryo implantation) and to perform embryo biopsy for its genetic analysis. Our fertility center is one of the few centers in Latin America that has this equipment.

Thanks to our equipments of last technology we can obtain very high quality embryos with which our pregnancy rates are the highest of the country.