We thank you in advance for your confidence in referring your patients.

We thank you in advance for your confidence in referring your patients. We sincerely hope that your patients and you benefit from the excellent results we obtain in our Center of Reproductive Medicine. Our facilities with state-of-the-art technology equipment place us as a reference in the field of Assisted Reproduction, both locally and internationally.

Some reasons for entrusting us your patients

1 – It is the solution for your patient’s infertility
We have available in the area of ​​infertility and assisted reproduction the most specialized diagnostic tests or treatments your patients need in order to provide personalized treatment  and thus achieve the desired pregnancy, which pregnancy you can control and take care without any problem. Our team of specialists will help you whenever necessary, and you are most welcome to use our facilities together with our team of professionals who will adapt themselves to your specialization level in reproductive medicine.

2 – Undoubtedly the best results
Our Center of Reproductive Medicine was designed and we strive to maintain our facilities with the best technical and environmental conditions to achieve the best possible embryo development. The equipment of our IVF laboratory such as tri-gas incubators (CO2, oxygen and nitrogen), nitrogen generator, centralized air purification system, among others, are only found in the best centers of human reproduction worldwide. Our center is one of the best equipped in Latin America. With all the aforesaid we are able to obtain the best pregnancy rates in Ecuador.

3 – Personalized patient care
The Center of Reproductive Medicine of Dr. Pablo Valencia takes care even of the smallest detail in order to look after its patients so that they can feel comfortable and share your gynecologists’ choice of referring us.  We believe that patients should be in a relaxed and tranquil environment so that stress does not affect the treatment outcome

4 – Direct and constant information regarding your patients
Any information or issue of importance regarding your patients will be previously consulted with you. In addition, you can contact us directly for inter-consultation even if they are not related to a particular patient.

5 – The patient will always continue being your patient
In our Center of Reproductive Medicine, the patient will always be clear that you are the responsible physician and that we are only providing a very specific and highly specialized service. After the confirmation of the clinical pregnancy and when the patient reaches 10 weeks of gestation, that is, when we normally suspend the luteal phase supplementation, the patient returns to your care with our report of the treatment carried out and you will continue with the birth control.

6 – Continuous Medical Education
The physicians who refer patients to our center will have the opportunity of attending refresher workshops in Reproductive Medicine so that everyone is updated with the latest breakthroughs in the field of human ​​reproduction.