Patient Care

First visit to fertility clinic

If you want to get pregnant and you have not achieved it after 12 months of unprotected intercourse, or if you have more than 36 years and 6 months have passed without success, it is the right time to start a Fertility study.

What does a First Fertility Visit to the Center of Reproductive Medicine involves?

The objective of this first visit is to obtain an in-depth knowledge of the possible causes that may explain why you have not yet reached pregnancy, or to directly obtain an explanation of the possible solutions to specific problems previously diagnosed. Sometimes the information we collect during the clinical history is enough and in other cases we need some diagnostic tests, most of which you can undergo at our center.

At the Center of Reproductive Medicine of Dr. Pablo Valencia the relationship with our patients is of friendship and trust, therefore, we can achieve minimal stress during the course of fertility treatments.

We want our patients to leave the center with a clear view of their situation and with the confidence that we will work together to achieve our ultimate goal of helping them to become parents.

Patients will know our clinic and we welcome your suggestions after leaving the medical visit, because our reality is based on your confidence.

Let us guide you to fulfill your dream of being parents, let’s start together the 9 most wonderful months of their lives!