Are Infertility Treatments Succesfull?

In any type of infertility treatment you have to take into account several important factors when it comes to referring to success rates.

When considering the success rates of any infertility treatment, we must bear in mind that the average probability for a normally fertile couple to achieve pregnancy is approximately 15% in each menstrual cycle. Therefore, these treatments may achieve average success rates from 25% to 60% per cycle, so it is sometimes necessary to repeat the treatments before achieving conception.

When performing any type of infertility treatment we must take into account several important factors in order to refer to success rates. Probably woman’s age and duration of infertility of the couple influence the treatment success.

In women, fertility decreases as age increases, especially after 40 years. When a woman is being treated, her chances of achieving pregnancy may be less if her partner also has infertility problems (for example, poor semen quality).

From a psychological point of view, infertility is often a hard situation to face. During treatment and before achieving pregnancy, it is likely that infertile couples exacerbate their feelings of frustration or loss of control.

Fertility treatment includes both physical and emotional assistance. Therefore, the support of medical and nursing staff and all those involved in it is essential to help the couple deal with different aspects of their situation.

Thanks to our equipments of last technology we can obtain very high quality embryos with which our pregnancy rates are the highest of the country.