Somos una de las clínicas de fertilidad
mejor equipadas de la región
Why put your dreams in us?

We are equipped with the most advanced and modern technology available today

Thanks to this technology we can put at your service the techniques of assisted reproduction with the maximum guarantee of success!

Our Center of Reproductive Medicine was established with a modern, innovative architecture, and designed to convey a warm, intimate and friendly environment to our patients. Architecture and design go together in approximately 400 square meters of our clinic.

We have the following facilities: patient care area, reception desk, waiting room with background music, 3 doctor’s offices, rooms to perform vaginal and abdominal ultrasound, procedures area, 3 recovery rooms,  in-vitro fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection laboratory, andrology service, and eggs, embryos and blastocists  cryopreservation service,  special room for semen sample collection, etc.

All of the above is equipped with state-of-the-art technology available nowadays, thus making our Center one of the best equipped fertility clinics of the region. Thanks to this technology we can make available to our patients assisted reproduction techniques with the maximum guarantee of success.