Egg vitrification

Our Center for Human Reproduction, besides being the first to use the technique of vitrification in the country, we have the first egg bank at the national level.

What is egg vitrification?
Vitrification is a special freezing technique that avoids the formation of ice crystals inside the cell due to its speed, less than 23,000 ºC of cooling per minute, which ensures greater cell survival. For quite some years the egg freezing has been performed with outstanding results, with pregnancy rates similar to those achieved with fresh oocytes. This has enabled many women to preserve their eggs for the future.

What are the advantages of eggs vitrification?
The advantages of this technique are many, on one hand allows the possibility of preserving fertility for women who will undergo aggressive medical treatment that may affect the production of mature eggs (chemo or radiotherapy), or patients with diseases that in the future could lead to the failure to produce mature eggs, such as severe endometriosis, etc.

Another benefit that comes with this technique is being able to freeze eggs for our donation programs, thus facilitating synchronization donor – recipient and allowing the creation of egg banks similar to those existing sperm banks.

Our Center of Reproductive Medicine in addition to being the first to use the vitrification technique in the country has the first egg bank nationwide, making this technique available for any woman so requesting it due to medical or personal circumstances.


  • Eggs vitrification allows a woman to postpone motherhood until later without having to renounce to the use of her own eggs.
  • Enables egg freezing during an assisted reproduction treatment, using only a few, which would avoid ethical and/or moral issues that some couples have with respect to the production and freezing of embryos.


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