Egg Donors

Many women can not have children because of fertility problems (early menopause, illness, surgery or other causes). An alternative treatment for them is to resort to oocyte reception at a fertility clinic. Thus, donating eggs is a generous act from one woman to another.

What steps must I take?
If you are between 18 and 30 years old and want to collaborate in an act of solidarity with other women you only have to call or come to the reproduction center and arrange an appointment without cost with the gynecologist doctor in charge. He will explain to you every process and resolve your doubts. It is not something that you have to decide immediately, take as long as you need.

Donor anonymity is absolute and prior to donation you must pass a complete free study of blood tests and vaginal ultrasound to determine that you do not have any genetic, hormonal or sexually transmitted diseases. With this you also get valuable information about your own health.

What is egg donation?
Actually donating eggs is very simple, once you have passed the medical study we will contact you. The day that comes to you the rule calls us and we quote you to begin the treatment, which consists of stimulating the ovary through the administration of hormones subcutaneously or intramuscularly. These hormones are the same that you produce naturally, so you will not have side effects, you can only retain fluids or have any discomfort at the level of the ovaries. For us, our donors are very important so we take great care of them.

• The stimulation of ovulation lasts about 10, during which you have to come to the clinic about 2 or 3 times to ultrasound and blood controls.
• Once the doctor determines that the eggs are mature, the day of the follicular puncture is fixed to extract the eggs.
• That day you have to come to the clinic on an empty stomach, at the appointed time and you can not use perfumes or perfumed creams, nail polish, or makeup.
• The aspiration of the eggs consists of aspirating the follicular fluid through the vaginal ultrasound. This procedure is fast, takes between 15 to 30 minutes, but being a little annoying we sedate you superficially so that you do not feel any pain. This sedation does not become a general anesthetic, so you do not have to intubate and you will only be in the clinic for about 2 hours.
• Once the whole process is finished, you should rest for 12 hours and come to the clinic when the rule for a review comes.
•  The clinic will give you financial compensation depending on the times you have donated your eggs, this will compensate you for the inconvenience caused and for the expenses incurred for travel; However think that you perform one of the most disinterested acts you can do in your life, the happiness you are going to provide to a woman who can not have children is incalculable.

Who can you help?
The patients you can help with your donation are: young women who have an early menopause, young women who have had their ovaries removed by mistake, women who do not have eggs or who have become infertile after a cancer treatment, women who Produce poor quality eggs, women with repeated failures in assisted reproduction treatments, or women with a genetic disease who can not use their eggs because of the risk of transmitting the disease to their children.

Did you know…
… Donating eggs does not affect your subsequent fertility. A woman during a natural cycle initiates several follicles but only one of these is selected and mature, giving a mature egg. The only thing we do with stimulation is to mature those eggs that do not mature and that are lost in the cycle.

The anonymity is absolute …
… There is a limit of children born of each donor, limited to 3 the number of children born of each donor. This represents approximately a maximum of 5 stimulations.

Let us guide you to fulfill your dream of being parents, let’s start together the 9 most wonderful months of their lives!